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Networking and Business Development in 2015

Networking and Business Development in 2015

It used to be that networking and business development took a long time and was a labor. It seemed as though you’d have to align the stars with Jupiter to get a face-to-face with a potential client or meet someone in the city that would expand your business network. Because of that, I hated it (and I consider myself a connector). That’s not the case anymore. If you are making excuses about networking and business development in 2015, you are doing it wrong.

The other night, I tweeted a thank you to some friends who referred two different businesses to me that ultimately became new clients in 2015. Here’s how that tweet morphed into more introductions and a networking meeting.



And then this happened…

Business Development

And finally this…

Business Development and Networking


This all occurred in minutes. Why am I sharing it?

The world changes quickly, and you have to be nimble and adapt to what comes your way. Business looks different today from 20 years ago. One of my favorite sayings (paraphrased) is:

Blessed are those that embrace change, for THEIRS is the kingdom, while those who fight it will find themselves wonderfully prepared for a world that no longer exists.

My intent was merely to say thank you, to show public appreciation to Heather Whaling and Michelle Galligan, who went out of their way to do something kind for me. When your friends and colleagues offer an introduction or suggest you should meet someone, you have to say yes. They know you. They know who you are. Maybe they’ve worked with you and know what that’s like. Trust them to refer to you only people who would be a good fit (or get new friends).

I don’t have expectations for the outcome of Monday’s meeting. I’m simply accepting the opportunity for what it is – an opportunity. Let’s watch and see what happens. More later.


Photo credit: Creative Commons: Jason Howie

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