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Solid Decision-Making Advice

Solid Decision-Making Advice

Making a big business (or life) decision? Here are a few questions you might want to ponder first:

Is it permissible?
Before taking a leap into something new, you might want to consider whether you’re breaking the law – federal, state or local.

Is it possible?
Consider whether you’re capable of doing it. Do you have the knowledge and skills to accomplish it? Capacity? Drive?

Is it practical?
This one is questionable. Not all good decisions are practical, but if it’s not, you should know it. I tell clients all the time to be intentional.

Is it profitable?
Profitable doesn’t necessarily mean that you yield money. Something could be profitable because it opens other doors for you, gives you exposure. When I consider this question, I consider “advantage.” Will it advance one of my goals? If not, then I re-consider the decision.

There might be more questions to ask, but these are good ones to get you started. If you see a red flag while considering answers to these, pause. There’s a reason.

Good luck with your next big decision. Try this out and let me know how it goes.


Photo Credit: Creative Commons – Steve Snodgrass

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