Keith Speers is one of the most driven and professionally captivating people to work with. Keith is transforming education around the nation. To work with Keith would be an honor.

— Lubna Najjar, Legislative Aid, Ohio House of Representatives


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Not Every Baby Is Beautiful

I know. Even as I type it, I can imagine the side eyes I’m getting from people that will read this post. It’s true though. Not every baby is beautiful. There are lots of beautiful babies, but not all of them are.  We don’t like people to say that out loud, because we know what […]

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Reputation > Revenue

I was talking to an individual who told me he had a stressful day yesterday, because he had a client who was not happy with his work, and he feared he might lose the client – a significant account for him. After talking about what he could do differently to manage the stress, the conversation shifted […]

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5 Things You Should Do To Rebound and Recover After Failure

At some point you will break. You’ll think you’re a failure. You’ll think you’re not good enough. You’ll question your abilities, your sanity. It happens to all entrepreneurs and people who attempt to do great things. How you bounce back and get on track will be the true measurement of your success. A set back […]

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Everyday voting

Today’s election day, but whether you know it or not, you vote every day. You vote on the grocery where you shop, where you buy your coffee, the restaurant where you eat lunch. You vote on the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the social activities you attend. You might not be electing the […]

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From Pain Comes Strength

A couple of years ago, when I broke my wrist playing ball, I had concerns about whether my wrist would be vulnerable or prone to future injuries / breaks. My surgeon told me that when a bone is broken and heals, the break becomes the strongest part of the bone going forward. For all I […]

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When Your Business World Falls Apart

Sometimes, things don’t work out as we planned. Sometimes, the money doesn’t arrive as we hoped. Sometimes, the candidate says no to the job offer. Sometimes, the product falls flat. Every time it happens, it stings. Every time, it feels like you’ve reached the end. Every time, it makes you question whether you should be […]

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