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Strategic Planning and Resolutions – Here’s Help for Both

Last night just after midnight, like many others around the world, we began talking about what we were resolved to do differently in 2015. Let’s face it. It makes us feel better to acknowledge our short comings and say we are going to do something about them. But according to a University of Scranton poll, […]

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Five things I learned from my contacts

  I am 9 days into wearing contacts, and I am ready to throw them out. Every day is a challenge to get them in my eyes and another challenge to remove them. I like simple, so LASIK is looking pretty good right now. Just as I was ready to throw my hands up in […]

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Strategy, Strategic Planning and Whether to Capitalize – Seriously?

A lot of people have been writing recently about the differences between Strategy (with a capital S) and strategic planning (with a lower case s). Really? Do they need a hobby? Do we need to spend our time – time which is scarce – on this? I don’t want to seem too simplistic, especially because […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Meetings!

A colleague, Jon Myers, was discussing on Facebook how some meetings he had participated in had gotten a little out of control recently. I offered a few quick strategies to him. Here’s what I said to Jon: Hold 15-minute stand up meetings. No chairs allowed. Have a defined agenda that includes a) what you’re going […]

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You Get What You Pay For

When I go to the grocery store, there are a few items I buy for which the generic version is just not acceptable. I understand that for many items, you can replace the name brand with the generic substitute, but for some things, you can’t. My name is Keith, and I love Bounty. There. I […]

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My 2013 Advice for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

I’ve been getting a lot of questions in November and December related to my best advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs, so I decided to put it into a post. Here are a few things I would offer up to get you ending 2013 and beginning 2014 on the right foot: Follow the money. […]

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