In all honesty, Keith Speers is one of the most talented, intelligent, fun to be around and successful entrepreneurs I've met to this point in my career. His counsel has been extremely valuable, not only to my business and a career but also in my life. He's the real deal and will be an asset to you and your business, no doubt about it.

— Nate Riggs, Digital Marketing Strategist – Restaurant Division, Bob Evans


Streams of consciousness fueled by coffee, informed by experience and focused on helping you achieve your goals.

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US Faces Same Small Business Challenges

NOTE TO READERS: I was talking with Adam Lehman earlier this week, and he asked me a question that basically boiled down to “How do you handle being a highly visible person, while being true to yourself (which could sometimes not sit well with others)?” It got me thinking. This post is the result. It’s NOT a […]

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Growing Your Business – Lessons Learned

Today, I was part of a panel discussion Growing Your Business at the Ohio Growth Summit along with Heather Whaling from Geben Communication, Ryan Vesler from Homage and Amber MacArthur from I shared a few things there that the audience seemed to find value in, so I thought I would share them here with you. I […]

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Customer Service: Strategies for Recovery

“I’m sorry, sir. You’re flight has been delayed.” “Sir, we’re going to need to re-route you to get you to your final destination.” “The plane you’re waiting on is stuck at Dulles. We’re not sure it will get here this evening.” “Ladies and Gentlemen, Air Traffic Control has informed us that due to anticipated weather, […]

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Meet Amy Taylor!

I know a lot of people. As a result, I get one question regularly: “Who are the people you know that I should know?” I get it so frequently, that I’ve decided to share a few of them with you over the next few months. This post is my inaugural introduction to someone you should […]

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You Have A Hole In Your Shorts

It was Sunday, and we were rushing out the door to meet friends for brunch. As Micheal ascended the stairs, I noticed he had a hole in his shorts, so I suggested he change, while he was upstairs. He stopped mid-journey and tried to locate the hole. To be honest, I couldn’t tell if he […]

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Crisis and 5 Reasons Why a Coach Can Help

Over the last two weeks, almost all my individual clients have had moments I describe as a ‘coaching crisis’. I’m not talking about a mental breakdown. I’m talking about the moments in which people decide there’s an issue so urgent they want to talk it over with someone else – they want and value an […]

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