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We Are What We Can’t Let Go Of

If you are like me, you dread spring-cleaning. The words make me want to flee the state. I’m not sure why that is, as the process isn’t so bad in reality. I’m not one who has to purge years of junk. I just have to sort through a few boxes of clothes, wash some windows […]

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Goal Setting – Keeping My Eye on the Ball

I was reading a blog post by my friend, Heather Whaling, from her new project, #Defining Your All. In the post, she talks about the tendency of people to compare one person’s goals (my word, not hers) to another person’s goals and place some level of judgment or value on them (i.e., that person’s goals […]

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10 Spoilers from the Other Side of the Table

I was reading a post written last September by a friend, Tara De Francisco, called, Auditions/Auditors: Spoilers from the Other Side of the Table. In that piece, she offers advice to people who are auditioning for improv gigs, hoping to up their game. She knows the process well, as she’s a huge success in the […]

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Don’t Be the Cause of Chaos; Be the Cure.

The past two weeks have had people in my life stressing out – for lots of different reasons, but still stressing out. While speaking with a client toward the end of last week, I said, “Don’t ever be the cause of stress for your clients, but when your clients are stressed, be there to help […]

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You’re Hired. You’re Fired. What just happened?

In a recent training session, the Facilitator asked, “Why does a supervisor choose to hire someone?” The group generated a list with all the usual suspects: We like the person. The person seems nice. Nepotism. The person would be a good fit for our culture. You get the idea. Later in the session, the Facilitator […]

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Checkmate! (Or What My Dad Taught Me By Playing Chess)

I never realized it at the time, but my dad wasn’t just teaching me to play chess; he was teaching me to be a critical thinker.

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