I'm Keith

...and here's my story.

My Entrepreneurial Journey...

I never set out to be an entrepreneur, but looking back, it was predictable. When other kids were running lemonade stands, I was relaxing in our pool or playing ball & lending my allowance to my siblings with considerable weekly interest (My dad was my collector.). Some kids were mowing lawns. I was using my lunch money to buy candy at the bakery across the street from my elementary school & reselling it to my classmates at a 40% markup. Sorry mom & dad!

When I was growing up, people didn't talk about being an "entrepreneur." That wasn't a thing then, so I did what was expected of me: I went to college & grad school & got a good job.

Don't get me wrong. I loved school. But the jobs I formally prepared for never turned into careers I wanted to be in for the rest of my life...

...until I started my first business.

I was working my full-time job & several mentors of mine referred some improvement & optimization gigs my way. That was the beginning of my first “side hustle” - work that I was more passionate about than my 9-5. In a heart-to-heart with my dad, he told me I could spend my life working & making money for someone else, or I could follow my passion, take control of my life & gain freedom. FREEDOM!

There it was. That was the thing I wanted more than anything else - freedom over my life. So, I took the leap, gave up my salaried job & never looked back.

Fast forward 30 years

I’ve built & exited 4 businesses & am currently the CEO of company, working from anywhere in the world I choose. I love what I do, because I get to work with people & companies around the globe - Fortune 100 to scrappy startups. I get to see from the front row the big & positive changes people make in their lives, businesses & world.

Why should you care?

Why should you care?

If you’re still reading this, my guess is you’ve reached the moment when you realize your life was meant for something bigger. While you may not be sure what’s next, you’re not willing to accept your current situation as your final destination. You’re ready to act. I'm here to go on the journey with you.