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Cary Hanosek

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A Mother's Love Leads to Innovation That Will Impact the World

Cary Hanosek is a business owner who spends her days helping individuals plan for their financial future. By night, she’s a dedicated mom with two girls. One of her girls lives with a rare form of epilepsy that causes her to seize both while she’s awake and while she sleeps.

With no treatment protocol, she and her husband, Joe, took on the role of researchers and established the standard for treatment, which Cleveland Clinic adopted and now uses regularly. During that same time, they realized their daughter, Madison, faced more challenges than epilepsy. Her treatment required the ongoing use of a medicinal port in her chest, which made clothing difficult to wear. This is when these dedicated parents went to work to create and launch Lotsa Brave People and a line of adaptive clothing that could ultimately affect a billion people worldwide.

Listen to the story and hear how larger corporations are coming to the table on this important issue. You will also get an update on Madison and her opinion of the clothing.


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3:20 Epilepsy. What is it and how it affects Cary and her family?

5:37 Where do you start once you’ve gotten this terrifying diagnosis?

6:42 Madison says, “Why can’t I just wear a shirt?”


13:08 If you invent something for some, everyone can benefit

15:13 Wait – HOW many people are affected?  Was that Billion with a B?!

16:30 What is the dream for Lotsa Brave People?

17:39 Sooo – how is Madison now?

20:13 You have a day job, your started Lotsa Brave People, you’re a mom of 2, you counsel other families affected by epilepsy, Cary WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO?!

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