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Cheryl Harrison

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How a Passion for Beer and Board Games Became a Passionate Career

Cheryl Harrison is a writer, marketer and craft beer advocate who opitimizes the phrase “”create the life you love and the freedom to live it.””

Cheryl left a stable job and stepped out on her own when she founded speechbubble, a boutique PR agency that specializes in social media community management for badass local businesses. She is also the founder and editor of Columbus’ source for booze news, Drink Up Columbus. These were just a few steps she took to turn her passions into a career.

She expanded her efforts when she began organizing the Beers and Board Games Club and co-founded the Columbus Ale Trail, a passport program rewarding visits to local breweries. In this episode Cheryl talks about their growth and what’s next, and she offers some advice to others wanting to take the leap.

Cheryl has been voted one of the top three bloggers in Columbus for six consecutive years by the readers of (614) Magazine and just this year was honored with the #1 spot. Cheryl has also been featured on 10TV, NBC4, Fox28, The Columbus Dispatch, WOSU, Columbus Alive and lots of other media outlets – all evidence that she is great at what she does and can help you think about how to apply some of the concepts to your own life.


Favorite Drink

Craft Beer

3:40 Which pieces of the 200 Proof Life framework does Cheryl belong to?…. But wait for it, there’s more!

5:58 Why does Cheryl want a refund for college, or at least a partial one?

7:37 “Fast Friends” – Internet stranger meetups in real life, that somehow weren’t scary.

11:26 Find out why Cheryl says she used to love getting fired from her jobs!

14:29 “Keith made me cry, then I manned up.”

16:42 What I decided to do for a living because I really liked telling stories and I really liked to drink.

20:02 My best bar story: fake religion and tax fraud.

24:08 You quit your job for $100?! And then got it back?

25:57 Cheryl’s always been named a 614 Magazine top blogger, but this year she isn’t just A top blogger…

29:01 Switching gears to board games  and Monopoly, literally the worst board game ever.

31:55 Cheryl finds a way to leverage board gaming for good.

36:39 “I just wanted to spend my time ding what I wanted to do.  Money wasn’t my goal.  I know plenty of unhappy rich people.”

37:46 Columbus Ale Trail – is growing like crazy!

39:05 Cheryl’s goal for 2018, definitely not the first thing you think!

44:13 Find out how Cheryl thinks you can get closer to a 200 Proof Life

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