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The Years of Love, Somedays and Gratitude

Gregg Dodd is the Director of Marketing for the Columbus Metropolitan Library – the #1 library in the country – but he’s also a man on a mission. Every other year (in even numbered years), Gregg sets out on a quest to impact his life or world. Whether giving someone a hug every day or checking off all the items on his bucket list, Gregg is committed to seeing it through.

Greg came to the studio to discuss his current resolution – The Year of Gratitutde, We also talked about the unexpected and amazing response he has received and how the quests are coming full circle. We’ll even hear about kissing in the rain, what he does with the pens when their empty and why people call him “The Senator.” You’ll want to tune in.


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Bloody Mary

3:46 The year of love – 2012 – Here’s how it all began.

6:34 Hugging strangers in an airport – is this guy nuts?

9:58 This is how Gregg decides what his biennial quest will be.  It’s not how you think.

12:25 One of the greatest innovations of mankind – huh?

13:12 2014 – The Year of Somedays – and what that actually means.

14:09 It’s hard to pick the top 3, but here are some favorites from 2014. And maybe some kissin’ in the rain.

18:32 The Year of Openness – 2016

21:30 What does 2018 bring?

25:38 “I didn’t know if he was dead or alive.”

27:55 By the end of the year, this will be the tapestry of your life.

31:49 What’s the lesson you’ve learned from the 2018 project?

39:20 Give us the scoop!  Our listeners want the scoop!

43:46 #51 starts like this: Dr Adams, you may not remember me…

46:24 I would go back to France and find the person I left my heart with.

47:58 What’s your best piece of advice for anyone listening?

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