One Goal 10

One Goal 10

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Building a Community to Find a Cure

In 2008, they didn’t imagine it would grow to be this. It was just a couple of guys riding bikes.. Ten years later, they’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to end cancer, and they show no signs of stopping now.

Each member has a story – a story of how cancer has touched his life – people they’ve lost, family members still fighting. Each also has stories of their rides – kindnesses shown to them along the way, people they met on their journey, support they received from friends and strangers.

Whether cycling enthusiasts or avid bike riders, each is taking the necessary steps to prepare for a 200 mile bike trip this August, and they are pulling no punches. Their stretch fundraising goal is $100,000.00. Along the way, they’re raising awareness and building community too.

Two of them sat down with us to talk about their experiences, why they ride, what they hope to accomplish and how they plan to get there. It was touching and fun. You’re going to love it.


Favorite Drink

Silver Daddy

  • One part Nolet’s Gin
  • One part Tonic
  • ¼ part Chambord
  • 3 well-squeezed limes
  • Shake
  • Garnish with a lime

1:10 What is One Goal 10?

3:55 What is the One Goal?

5:51 What does training look like for the group?

8:43 “So you want me to cry?”

13:49 Are High Rollers common?

15:51 The power of Pelotonia

17:34 Why Brad rides

21:05 The names on Sam’s helmet

23:37 The woman who Sam will never forget

26:05 How they use an annual event to build community and raise money

32:23 There’s an app for that!

37:44 Keith met a woman on a hill that changed his life

39:18 Butt butter – check!

42:52 What Brad wants you to know about having a family member fight cancer

44:08 Q&A Chasers – yep! Two of them!

Members of One Goal 10
Yianni Vitallas – 10 years
Matt Hall – 9 years
Joe Hasel – 6 years
Aaron Rausch – 7 years
Brad Zaborowski – 6 years
Sam Schisler – 3 years
Joshua Schonauer – 3 years
Michael Noggle – 3 years
Daniel White – 6 years
Brent Wilder – 5 years


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