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Quintel Wilson

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Giving Sports A Higher Purpose

There are some people who make the world better by being in it. They envision what the world could be and make it happen. Quintel Wilson is one of those people. As coach of the Lima Gators, Quin is leading the effort to give boys and young men in his town options, mentors and hope. He uses sports to teach them life skills, build their character and change the trajectory of their lives.

We sat down in the 200 Proof Life studio to chat with him about the impact of the programs, the successes of the participants and the challenges he and other organizers face and overcome to change the world they live in. You’re going to love his story! Enjoy!

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2:01 What’s the big deal about interviewing a basketball coach?

5:35 Lima, Ohio.  It’s not quite like the TV show Glee.  That’s why our biggest goal with the Lima Gators is to show these kids something different

8:04 Access and opportunity are the gamechangers.  But but but…. How do you pay for it all??

13:23 Our 501c3 that you can donate to, that’s how!!

14:32 ZEROOOOOOOOO – the numbers don’t lie.  And they’re really important numbers.

20:00  What’s next for the Lima Gators?

21:45 “If we’re gonna save lives we gotta make this happen.  We gotta make this happen NOW.”  -Coach Quin

23:00 Tell us some success stories!

28:10 What does it mean to these kids to be on offense on AND off the court?

31:40 In Ohio, the eligibility standard for student athletes is a 1.5 GPA.  Not us, we’re setting the bar higher.

35:03 Coach Quin gets goosebumps!



Branches LLC (501c3 non profit) – 222 S ELIZABETH ST

LIMA, OH 45801