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Terreece Clarke

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Using Everything She Is to Shine a Spotlight on Those Who are Usually Invisible

Terreece Clarke is a wife, mother of three, marketing strategist, plus model and author of the #1 new release on Amazon, Olivia’s Potty Adventure. On top of that she’s a book reviewer and an artist fellow at the Lincoln Theatre. At first glance, you might think she’s scattered or unfocused. but you’d be wrong. In fact, Terreece is laser focused on elevating the conversation about visibility of individuals who often are invisible.

Born in Toledo in what she describes as “”the middle of the hood,”” Terreece talks about how her early recognition that she could write led her to a career in journalism, but the media portrayal of places like her neighborhood and people of color, turned her off immediately. A few years later, it was experiences like these that stoked her fire to show brown kids having everyday, normal experiences in books, on tv and in media, in general.

Terreece also shares a heartbreaking and eye-opening story about the extra steps she and her family take to avoid negative experiences with law enforcement. It brought everyone in the studio to tears, so you won’t want to miss it.


Favorite Drink

Blackberry Brambles

  • Blackberries
  • 1 tsp agave syrup
  • The juice from 1/ lemon, muddle
  • Add ginger beer to glass half full
  • Add ice
  • Fill the rest of glass with club soda

3:03 I knew writing was an option for some people… I didn’t realize it was an option for a little black girl from Toledo, Ohio.

6:38 Where I grew up was the hood.  But I didn’t know that.  It was my community.

7:49 Terreece notices a journalism bias first hand…

10:49 That’s how I move, I see a problem or issues being glossed over and I write about that.

14:05 Modeling and Beyonce fans

14:53 Diversity is not the PC police.

17:00 Pepsi should have called me.

19:59 It’s not the white guy weighing in on the issue that’s the problem.

21:23 Olivia’s Potty Adventures

25:23 The asterisk factor

27:27 What’s wrong with me?

33:54 My kid is an honor student… that probably doesn’t mean the same thing to you.

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