Haven't taken the first step yet? Maybe you need to hear from others who have worked with me before. Here you go!

The leadership team is still raving about Keith’s professionalism, facilitation skills and direct style. To quote our VP, “The best I have ever worked with.”

Brian Lawrence

HR Director for Nationwide Insurance

He has helped me grow professionally in confidence and competence. When I have a particular challenge, whether it’s in the area of board development, human resources or planning, the first person I think of to help me is Keith Speers.

Sue Darby

Senior Vice President for YMCAs of Central Ohio

Within the first few months of working with Keith, he helped me implement the two year plan I had developed for my business in less than 90 days by coaching me on eliminating barriers, developing systems of leverage, and focusing on what I do best. As an entrepreneur, it’s tough to find people who have both large organization best practices experience and entrepreneurial environment acumen, and can combine the two to help an entrepreneur move a business forward quickly.

Michelle Galligan

CEO / Co-Founder for ViaVero

Since meeting him 3 years ago, Keith Speers has been guiding me personally and professionally. His guidance helped me double my salary, live in the heart of one of the best neighborhoods in the country, and meet and build relationships with fantastic people all over Columbus. Do yourself, your life, and your career a favor and check him out. It will be one of the best decisions you make.

Tyler Durbin

Executive Account Director for Oologie

Keith led our team in a one-hour mini-strategy session to challenge us to be “customer-centric.” It was the most efficient and effective strategy session I had ever experienced!

Michael Dalby

President for Columbus Chamber of Commerce

Rock star Keith Speers is whipping my productivity and business planning into shape – love it.

Peter Lohmann

Owner for RL Partners

In all honesty, Keith Speers is one of the most talented, intelligent, fun to be around and successful entrepreneurs I’ve met to this point in my career. His council has been extremely valuable, not only to my business and a career but also in my life. He’s the real deal and will be an asset to you and your business, no doubt about it.

Nate Riggs

Digital Marketing Strategist for Restaurant Division, Bob Evans

Keith is a bright and creative manager with unusually strong skills in developing and implementing effective work processes. He has strong interpersonal skills enabling him to work with diverse groups of people and motivate them to work at peak performance levels.

Dr. Bob Bowers

Deputy State Superintendent for Ohio Department of Education

Keith knows his business in-depth. He is one of the best communicators I have ever worked with. He has the unique ability to be very detailed yet constantly keep the whole picture in front of him.

Tom Kerins

Program Director for Center on Innovation and Improvement

Keith Speers is one of the most driven and professionally captivating people to work with. Keith was able to turn a whole agency around and then went on and is transforming education around the nation. To work with Keith would be an honor.

Lubna Najjar

for Ohio House of Representatives

Having served with Keith on numerous community boards and non-profit committees, I have seen him work miracles when given limited time and limited resources. He has been nothing short of transformative for the organizations with whom he’s served and I’m proud, and fortunate, to call him my go-to resource.

Megan Kilgore

City Auditor for City of Columbus

Ever been in a situation where you don’t know that magic is happening until after it’s already happened? That’s exactly how I feel every time I leave a business discussion with Keith. He is a genius at facilitation…so much so that you don’t even know you’re being facilitated. Keith so deftly steers people into positive moment, they don’t even know they’re being steered until they reach their destination.

Sarah J. Storer

Content Marketing Strategist for The Karcher Group

It is a pleasure to recommend Keith and to praise his professionalism, honesty, generosity and business savvy. A highly successful businessman, CEO, thought-leader and community leader, Keith remains someone whom I trust to give me business tips, advice and the truth. He is without a doubt a genuine leader and resource in Columbus and beyond.

Shane Haggerty

Owner and Director of Strategy for Great Heights PR

Keith’s knowledge and skills regarding facilitation are superb. Keith’s incredible experience, coupled with a most engaging presentation style, makes him a facilitator of strategic planning without compare.

Cathryn Gardner

Manager, Title Programs for Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Keith is one of the sharpest business minds I know. His ability to take on the challenges of an organization or individual and find creative, effective solutions is masterful. Keith has consulted with me for several of my own business ventures and has always given me the direction and expertise I needed.

Cheryl Harrison

Owner, Editor for Speechbubble, Drink Up Columbus

Keith facilitated a working session for our Board members. Keith’s professionalism kept the board very engaged. He was incredibly informative and offered constructive commentary which enlightened us and encouraged us to challenge ourselves. I highly recommend Keith based on his professionalism, passion and positive attitude. Sessions facilitated by Keith are sure to glean many positive results.

Chris Balton

Owner for Frank Balton Sign Company

Keith Speers is genuine. Knowledgeable and professional, kind and courteous, he approaches individuals with the sort of disarming charm that belies his extensive experience as a business “power player.” My meetings with Keith have been amazing mini-conferences packed with knowledge and inspiration. I’ve left each encounter with a renewed sense of direction and a clearer goal. His advice on business and balance has impacted me in a tremendously positive manner. I recommend Keith highly and without hesitation.

Seth Lilly

Founder for Inceptiv

I was fortunate to work with Keith while getting Rocket Code off the ground, and I'm fortunate to know him, still. Keith provided structured support and accountability, with the sage advice and tough love required while starting and building an organization. If I could offer one piece of advice to my former self it'd be—Listen. Really, really listen. And when Keith says something that you don't understand or that you don't think applies to you, have the self-assuredness and confidence to speak up and say "Hey Keith, I know you wouldn't be telling me this if you didn't think it was important. But I'm having trouble connecting the dots. Can you elaborate, so that I can see what I'm missing?" Keith is a difference-maker and a quality consultant but, more importantly, a quality human. He cares about the businesses he consults for, and for the humans running them.